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Your Special Day!

Photo by Jackie Z Photography

About officiating weddings, oh my

And how to make planning a piece of pie

I've seen it all, from vows to rings But nothing beats the joy love brings

As the bride and groom say "I do" With family and friends cheering too

But planning a wedding can be quite a task With vendors to hire and budgets to mask That's where I come in, with a tip or two

To help the bride, and maybe even you

Need a DJ who knows how to rock? Or a caterer who serves cake in a crock?

I know just the people, let me tell you true

They'll make your day, and leave you feeling anew

From flowers to photos, and everything in between

I've got connections, if you know what I mean

So if you're planning a wedding, don't you fret

Just ask me for help, I won't let you forget

So let's raise a glass, to love and laughter

And a wedding day that's happily ever after

With vendors in place, and plans on track

You'll have a day that's worth looking back.



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