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The Day I Cried With the Groom.

Photo by Guest Cellphone

I stood before the Fowlers on their special day Their love so pure, their devotion on display

As the groom wiped tears from his face I felt my own emotions start to race

I'm used to weddings, they're my job, my trade

But this one was different, in every single way

The groom's tears flowed, the parents cried

As Ashley walked down the aisle, they all sighed

Her beauty shone, in every step she took

Her smile, her grace, like a picture book

And as she stood before her love, her man

They took their vows, in the presence of the fam

Their love story, a journey, long and true

With a baby girl, their family, grew

It was a wedding, that left an impact, a mark

On everyone present, from dusk until dark

Pregnant me, I was hormonal, my emotions high

But I wasn't alone, there wasn't a dry eye

It was a wedding, that brought us all together

A celebration of love, that will last forever

So to the Fowlers, I say this with a heart that's true

Thank you for letting me be a part of this special debut

It was a memorable wedding, and the first time I cried

May your love grow stronger, and forever thrive.



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