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Supporting the LGBTQ & LatinX Community.

I am proud first generation American born from Afro-Latino immigrant parents. I am also part of the LGBTQ community.

There doesn't seem to be enough or many of us within the Volusia County wedding industry. And maybe that's a good thing so far because when one of my vendor partners require bilingual services and ceremonies, they seek me out.

Some ceremonies seek to include both sides of the family. That includes English and Spanish speaking. Some couples may want the Lord's Prayer recited in english AND in Spanish, and I take no issue with that. The couple in the photo took their love to the limit, even with a language barrier. I was happy to translate the script and their personal vows to one another. They met on a dating app, like my husband and I. It was beautiful to witness their union because it takes me home, when two different cultures collide and coexist in love.

I owe thanks to Jillian Shaw with A Lovely Engagement LLC/ Ceremonies by the Sea LLC for the gig at The Shores Resort & Spa Daytona Beach! I am excited to work in such beautiful locations. I truly enjoy what I do.

By Regina Cordero

Photos by Lamour Weddings & Events



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